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Developing Your Winter Golf Camps

October 19, 2017

Jeff Overholt, of Golf Performance Coaches in the Toronto area, shares with us their take on Winter Camps for juniors in their coaching programs.  We talk about the focus on a full immersion experience with breakthroughs going far beyond just the golf course.  

 We’ll learn how they're helping juniors create better habits and get a better understanding of what it takes to be an elite level athlete off the golf course.  That’s one of the big reasons they’ve found renting a large home for the juniors to stay in, instead of a hotel is so beneficial.  It allows the coaches to control the environment a bit more and creates a more team like atmosphere amongst everyone attending.

“the space between” golf, can have the biggest impacts on trips like this

3 Mistakes to Avoid:

 #1 - Don’t start with too many players.  A large group causes issues with transportation, food, housing, and so much more.  Instead focus on the best fit and create a more personalized experience. Jeff recommends somewhere around 12-16 as a sweet spot for functionality as well as profitability. 

 #2 - Purchase food for juniors instead of going out to eat for every meal.  Not only does it keep food and beverage costs down but making a trip to Costco and picking up groceries allows healthier options. 

 #3 - Don’t book travel for kids, instead allow parents to book their own flights or travel as some will make it a family trip before or after and might want to drive, etc… You don’t want to become a travel agent!

 Jeff talks about these winter / spring camps as being some of the most reward times as coach.  Figure out a way to get stared with this concept and get your students somewhere south prior to the start of the season!


MONDAY (Sample day)
7:00am - Breakfast
9:30am - Skill Development at TPC Myrtle

Coaches stationed in three area’s (short game, driving range, and putting green) and players are encouraged to spend a bit of time with each coach throughout the three hours. Players can choose to spend as much or as little time in each area as they require. We like to give them structure but freedom to work within it.

  • Station #1: Short Game - How to use the wedge?
  • Station #2: Full Swing I - TrackMan feedback / skills evaluation
  • Station #3: Full Swing II - Maintenance work
  • Station #4: Putting - How to use the eyes?

12:30pm - Lunch
1:15pm - Play 18 holes at TPC Myrtle Beach

Coaches walk 4 - 5 holes with each group

  • Front nine - Awareness exercises: Pre-shot routine focused 
  • Back nine - 2 person Team Better Ball

6:30pm - Group dinner with DJGT players
9:00pm - Group discussion / debrief at Beach House
Topic: Emotional Management
10:00pm - In bed rooms


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